Friday, March 26, 2010

Life without kids

As I was cleaning up E.'s car seat today after he bombed it with his vomit, I had a thought. What would it be like to have no kids, just me and J?
Quiet, relaxing, no messes, no stress. Would I be happy and content?
What would be missing from our lives?

No giggles
No little hugs and kisses
No questions to answer
No prayers before bed
No math problems to help solve
No ballet recitals
No do it yourself haircuts
No cute mispronounced words like "opeymeal" (oatmeal)
No dancing to Donut Man
No owies to kiss and bandage
No firsts
No breaking up fights and watching them makeup
No Mothers Day gifts
No pearly white teeth to brush
No bouquets of dandelions and buttercups
No bath toys
No sweet smelling baby lotion
No missing teeth
No watching them grow
No singing bible songs and E.'s fav. "Happy Birthday"
No homemade cards made with love
No cute booties
No nails to paint
No cuddles in the middle of the night
No cartoons
No little socks and shoes
No tea parties or sword fights
No bunk beds to tuck kids into
No fun family trips
No excuse to get McDonald's french fries
No cute dimples
No treehouses
No hair to fix
No story time
No dress up
No bicycle riding lessons
No birthday parties and balloons
No tangles to unknot after bath time
No field trips
No adventure
No "mom I need you"
No "mom I love you"
No sacrifices
The list can go on and on. I am now thankful for the puke stained car seat that I need to finish cleaning. Thanks kids, life would be so empty without you in it.

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Do I belong?

I never considered my family to be 'large'. With 4 kids ranging in age from 8 to 22, I suppose I qualify even if my oldest is out on his own and the next one is in college. We've had two international foster babies and another on the way, and we are looking in to becomming domestic foster parents for medically fragile babies. We are testing the idea of another adoption - so perhaps this is where I belong!

Anecdotally, my husband and I feel that the reason teenagers are so horribly obnoxious is that this is God's way of preparing you for them to leave home - with smiles on your face and sighs of relief rather than tears and pleas to stay. May I say that my 19 year old son, as well as his older brother, have proven and are proving this point?

Peace - remember Haiti - over and out