Monday, April 12, 2010

Holes in Jeans

Anyone have any good ideas?
What's the protocol for wearing holey
jeans these days?
Play only?
All the time?
I see at the mall that people are
paying for jeans with holes in them.
Paying extra in some cases.
So when is it OK to wear them?
Or what do you do with them?
Cut them off?
Donate them?
Scrap them?
Patch them?
Just wear them?
I need to know because I am wealthy
in jeans with holes in the knees.
Leave a comment and give
me your ideas.


  1. I probably would just wear them around the house or to run to the store or whatever. My husband will sometimes cut his and make them into shorts to wear around the house. That's what I do with my kid's jeans when they get holes because the hole is almost always at the knee, so it works out perfect:)

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  3. Dealing with this right now! I patched about 5 pair and cut off (and hemmed) 3 pair. Now from just 1 of 7 kids today (going through his dresser) I have 3 more to patch or cut off. These will probably be cut off just because he needs more shorts now. I found a tutorial for patching so they look cool, here (not my link, no promo stuff going on here ;) ) Anyway I couldn't do the vertical lines on most of them because I can't turn the smaller size jeans at that angle on my machine, so mine didn' t look QUITE as cool. But it was kinda fun.

    Oh, if the jeans are particularly nice fitting or trendy then I would pick those ones as the first ones to patch. "whatever" play jeans I would cut-off as they're not worth the effort so much.

  4. i think it's the culture. For whatever reason. Here in our home it's NOT allowed. Ragged clothing and such is not becoming and does nothing to reflect high standards. This is an interesting post and I think I'll blog about it because I had a similar experience a few weeks ago.

    Have a great day.

  5. We wear 'em around the house and for play or even to the grocery store but if I think we're going somewhere where we might see someone we know, I make them put on "real" pants. Dirty holey pants are either play pants or get turned into play cut-offs. Pants that have holes put are otherwise pretty nice pants get patched. I cut the patches in the shape of fun things like airplanes or hearts or whatever and use a fun color thread to stitch around the edge and often the pants look even better than before they had holes.

  6. You can always ask the child for their input, and decide to reserve the parental "override" option if child's preference doesn't align with yours for "big deal" occasions.

    I had a pair of jeans while in high school that I adored. I eventually wore through the knee... back in the day... thought that the holes made them all the cooler. I was "very" fashion conscious during those days... kept the jeans well into marriage.

    If you're concerned about economy and getting the most use out of jeans for kids who tend to go through the knees quickly, my mom was quite thrifty...

    Back in the day... my mom used iron-on denim patches (inside) the knees of my brothers' new jeans to prevent the knee holes and help extend the wear.

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